Sunday, 19 October 2008

The human body is so delicate, so sensitive. Not just psychologically but physically too. I had the idea to protect myself. I constructed a shirt, my second skin made in baby pink thin latex sheet. Covered with little latex scales, it is a second skin similar to the snakes. With here sleeves very long, giving the image of the old skin, not falling like happened with the serpents, but connected along the arms. I think are not just old skin but have engraved memories to. Protection in this case, is not really simple or innocent, but still remember us the seduction. The seduction and the temptation are connotations approaching us to many legends, histories and enchanted tales about the serpent or dragons.
It the same idea I did one number of photography’s. In the image’s I need to separate every part of my body from the other for this I covert my skin it snake skin. Placing my body apart Kit’s body. The concept are the same, protect myself from the other or others. But have one different meaning to, the image of my snake body around Kit’s body, is like one boa constrictors, killing the victim.
In the end of this experience takes me to the most beautiful tell from the old Testament were God give to the humankind the sensations, the power to fill, to think, to Love and to create .

As far as I'm concerned the live is made of good and bad memories, and every ones are in your brain for ever and ever, same times the brain block the bad memories, what’s help; but this not happen always. For help mine brain I did eight pieces of jewellery, like a therapy. Not just for put out the bad memories, but for remember in the same way the good ones or the neutral memories. Stay in mine’s memory about good travels, new relationship, important occurrence’s, old boy friends, bizarre things… Are one simply mix of past, present and “future” memories. I use incessantly the latex (second skin) to pack old little objects, words or images. To categorise my memories, like part of myself.

Material: slade, coral, latex
The Sixth jewel is the most important in my skin jewellery. Is made of, one very special to my, piece of slate. It’s one important memory from my last anniversary. I commemorate this date in one Moroccan restaurant with my new friends, in Birmingham. Once my and Kit are coming to home, he regarded one garden of slate’s stone. He catches one specific and carved quickly with him nail, “Kit +DD”. And next I covered it the scales. But at shape of one heart and the idea came from one Scapular. The Scapular is one religious object from the adoration of Our Lady of Carmel. And the most peculiar it’s this adoration start on July 16, 1251, Our Lady appeared to the English Carmelite friar, Saint Simon Stock, and gave him the miraculous Brown Scapular. I applied in the conjunctions of the handle and the heart, two pieces of coral, for give to the Scapular two meanings. The first is the same like the scales, the protection of our relationship because the coral are one material used in the jewellery for protection. And also the shapes of the little red horns, which connect this, piece more for one profane and erotic relic.

Enchanted Heart

Material: baby shoe, latex

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